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Welcome to Angel Hands, Massage for Big & Small Animals,

 Animal Communication and Mobile Pet Massage.

Welcome! My name is Deb Burgy, and I am from Columbus, Ohio. I love and enjoy working with animals, & specialize in horses, dogs, and cats, intuitively using a blend of techniques. They are kind, loving, and appreciative of healing assistance from any one of us. To enhance the experience, I have studied with:

*Integrated Touch Therapy for Canine and Equine Massage techniques

*Healing Touch for Animals Practitioner, Level 1

*Intro to Small Animal Acupressure and Intro to Equine Acupressure with Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute

*Animal Communication with Morgen Espe, Bruce Butcher, Asia Voight, Anna Twinney, Maggie Bunce, and Jacquelin Smith, which helps me to communicate with and work intuitively with your animals.

I have learned so much from all my furry friends, and a few squirrels, birds, spiders, wolf, bear, dragonflies, and other beings. Yes, we can communicate with animals, both domestic and wild. These conversations always amaze me. My love and thanks to family teachers waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge: Bruiser and Patches, German Shepherds; Sniffles, the Guinea pig; Poochka, Josh, Shadow, and King, Cocker Spaniels; and Snuggles, the very opinionated cat.

I am still learning from my immediate family of companions, and from these wonderful teachers: Jewel, Star, Charm and the other healing horses at Serendipity Stables, Coco Boomchie Boomchie, Layla, Pi, Limerick, Chevron (aka Unicorn), Pearl, Ayla, Smoke, Lucy, Push, Strider, Lile, Moon, Sarah, Stanley, Perry, Lizzie, Grace, and many others. Much love for the assistance from Izzy, Harvey, Ashton, Lanis, Alex, Riley, Daisy, Brigid, C.C., Gracie, Rose, Holly, Tari, Jake, Nicky, Millie, Miranda, Ellie, Joey, Denver, Cokie, Scarlet, healing horse Sere, and Judge, Spider, & Nepal from Zuma's Ranch, and all the others who I have known and loved, who are all running free and without pain at the Rainbow Bridge.

Meet Shadow & Pepper, who have been kind enough to allow me to live in their home, teaching me on a daily basis to think outside the box. Shadow left for the Rainbow Bridge in 2013, but lives in my heart forever as one of my greatest teachers and friends. Big gray kitty Aldi is On Cloud 9. King, so much like Shadow, was with us for a brief time, decided that his buddy, Aldi, needed him, both in 2015. KeeKee, the sassy black cat, Jumpin' Jack Flash, Leopard Appaloosa, and Aboo, a bay Arabian, all keep me quite busy. And then there is my sweet Pepper. He is still quite the clown, and his alter ego is Katmandu CatDog. Just ask him, and he will tell you. I call him freckle dog. He calls me MomDog.

With your permission and that of the animal, I may use therapeutic grade essential oils while working with your 4-legged friend. Oils may be helpful for relaxation during the massage, for emotional issues or for physical issues such as arthritis or inflammation, and the decision to offer the oils is made on an individual basis. I also use Photonic Red Light, SpectraTherapy laser therapy, or the Assisi Loop, all of which most animals are typically very receptive to assist in their healing. Occasionally I am drawn to use tuning forks or play Native American flute music on my iPod for the animals. I have found that most animals are very receptive to sound therapy.

It is an honor and a privilege for me that so many animals have allowed me to work with them and to learn from them. I look forward to meeting you and working with your 4-legged friends very soon. Have a glorious day, and thank you for visiting