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Josh was my best friend for so many years, a wonderful, playful, energetic, inquisitive cocker spaniel who lived to be 16 years old. When he was 14, hip problems and arthritis set in. With one back leg up all the time and the other back leg failing him, he was trying to figure out how to get around, looking to me for help. It was a very sad, difficult, pitiful thing to watch, with me worrying about his quality of life , deteriorating right before my eyes. Medicine didn't work, and I wasn't ready to give up on him, as I saw much spirit still in his eyes. The decision I made for Josh was massage. I was fortunate to find someone, and within just a few visits, he was my very mobile, happy, and active boy again. He's been gone since 2006, but Josh is always in my heart. What a blessing for both of us to have been given the gift of so much more time together. Many thanks to my friend Cathy Auger for helping my boy and for putting me on this path.

After becoming canine certified, I found that cats I have known and petted for years are now telling me to massage them as well, massage me right now, and why is it taking you so long to get started on me? They ask, and I am now massaging cats. This is Snuggles, who lived to 19.

My sweet Shadow, one of my very best teachers, who helped me to fill my healing tool box with new things. He lost his mobility in 2010 due to 2 torn ACLs. Through Harvey and his Mom Ronda, we found Dr. Carlson at Lifetime Pet Wellness. With chiropractic, acupuncture, Chinese herbs, massage, energy work, Angel harp, and essential oils, he was not only able to walk, but at times trotted through the house. He subsequently had other health issues, and made it quite clear when he was ready to be assisted to the Rainbow Bridge. 

Aldi was several years old when he came into my life. He loved being outside, kept the perimeter safe, and had to be convinced to come in when the weather was bad. Aldi developed a respiratory problem in January 2015. He let me know he didn't want any heroic efforts, but he agreed when I asked him to let Dr. Carlson try to help him for the weekend. Late Sunday night, he let it be know that it was time for him to be assisted to the Rainbow Bridge. On my way there, I saw a sign "N Cloud 9", which I knew meant that he was well on his way to being On Cloud 9. 

King, a senior boy, partially blind, became the new man in our lives after Shadow left us in 2013. We worked with all the usual things in the healing toolbox, plus tried a few new complimentary medicine techniques. Working with Jack and his lack of vision helped me to be ready to welcome King into our home. King, sweet and incredibly laid back became quite the little lover.  

Coco Boomchie Boomchie is looking on in the background, hoping it's not his turn soon, and wondering what dog falls asleep on the grooming table!

Sadly, my sweet King Trooper left suddenly for the Rainbow Bridge in July 2015. I was fortunate to be home with him when it happened, utilizing Frankincense oil to help to ease his pain and help with his transition.

Jumpin' Jack Flash, came into my life in 2011. I never planned to get a horse, but he picked me. A few months later, he was 100% blind. He teaches me something new every single day, bringing me joy & challenges. Jack continually guides me to think outside the box, to stay grounded,

and to stay in a place of love & joy Here we are learning carrot stretches. He loves it when I read to him, and is totally spoiled with massages, oils,,therapies, energy work, carrots, apples, pears and LOVE!!!

Aboo, the perfect gentleman, retired from lessons in 2016 at the age of 32. He is a sweet, and gentle teacher who I took lessons with several years ago. When he needed a new home, it was finally decided that he would be with me. After all, he was one of my first horse loves and needed a safe and loving home. Aboo is a very lucky boy. He has two moms, but he likes to tease and call his other mom Aunt Ronda because it sounds playful to him. My great-nieces and great-nephews just love him, and so do we. Aboo's favorite part of the massage is getting his butt rubbed!

I have had the opportunity to work with many wonderful horses over the years. I do my massages intuitively, which is why the animals in general ask me to touch them and to work with them. This is Yukon, who I had the pleasure of working with early on. He waited patiently while I worked with Jasmine, and greeted me with a big hug when it was our turn together. 

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