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Alex, the cat and Lanis, the dog, almost always seemed to argue over who got massaged first. Alex would talk about it and try to claim my lap, while Lanis would make every attempt to get under my hand. Needless to say, their actions were funny to watch, and both were happy, content, and relaxed when the massages were over, no matter who was first. Although Ashton, the young yellow Lab here tried to bribe me with a kiss, Lanis always got her massage first. 

Don't worry Ashton, you will get your turn, and be snoring by the fireplace soon. For a 2 year old, he waited patiently and did a great job with his very first massage. This was Lanis' fourth massage, and she had become quite the professional massage recipient. She would have loved the Photonic Red Light, but it hadn't come into my healing tool box yet. Lanis, a 15 year old Rott/Black Lab mix with hip and mobility issues went to the Rainbow Bridge in 2013. Ashton, at the young age of 8 years old, joined her in 2016. His kisses and big goofy smiles are truly missed. 

Alex was a very sick kitty, with sinus and eye issues. Alex's parents and vet had worked for quite some time to help him get better. Massage complemented the efforts by stimulating circulation, which helps to improve healing, and reduce stress. This was his 4th or 5th session with me. He quickly relaxed, enjoying the benefits. Alex's Mom always massaged him in between my visits, helping him even further. 

Alex was one of my most wonderful teachers ever, and a very receptive feline client. Massage helped him to cope with his discomfort, and was helpful during his transition out of his physical body. We miss you sweet boy. Thanks for all the joy you brought to your family and to me.

From Riley's humans: Deb, we wanted to tell you how Riley is doing. After you left, he took a short walk to visit the neighbor dogs. He seemed to have so much more energy and willingness to play with the other dogs. He FINALLY slept the whole night. He hasn't done that in months! His appetite has improved. I don't know what you did but we will continue to monitor him and be in touch to set up another visit. Thanks for giving us hope that Riley will be able to do things he used to love to do as well as giving us more time with him. M & R ~ Columbus, OH

Riley is now waiting for his family at the Rainbow Bridge. Thank you, Riley, for being such an inspiration to us all.

Harvey was my first greyhound, and very different from the rounder dogs that I was used to working on. He loved his massages, the oils, red light, and energy work. He taught both his Mom and me many things, and most importantly to listen to what he had to say. Harvey went to the Rainbow Bridge in 2013, and we sure miss him. Thanks for the sweet dreams, buddy!

Harvey Master Sexy (13 and a happy boy)~ Dublin, OH

My friend Tari had navicular, causing him much discomfort. He loved his massage, tuning forks, Back on Track bell boots, and SpectraLaser therapy. Here he is wearing one of the leg wraps. To further help Tari, I enlisted the help of Susan Barr. Between us, Tari was able to enjoy life with minimal pain for the next 2 years. Tari, so sweet, always taking good care of me, but never gave up trying to find that last bit of carrot or candy. I am so happy to have been a part of his life, and am grateful that he is completely without pain now, running and bucking with his friends at the Rainbow Bridge. 

Sere (28, blind and with Cushing's) is a healing horse at Serendipity Stables. Sere is my first love, the first horse that I massaged after becoming equine certified. Sere always let me work on her, no matter which horse I had come to the barn to work with. One day, she wouldn't let me in her stall, blocking it with her body. No matter how many times I tried, she refused. I finally left. The heavy rains had covered 3/4 of the road by the time I'd left. She knew that I would be stranded, sent me home, & kept me safe! Many thanks to Sere who prepared me for my Jumpin' Jack Flash, who went completely blind within a few months of coming into my life.

Who is happier after massage and energy work, Sere or me?

My sweet teacher & Mama Unicorn, Sere, has been running with the horse ancestors, free, healthy, happy,and with full vision since December 2014. Her legacy lives on.